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"Every Love Story is beautiful, but ours is my favorite."


Here are just a few of our favorite Midwest Love Stories that we are proud to share with you, each of them as special and unique as each of our clients. 


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Mary and Bruce

Married April 2018

Bruce and I were married at a bed and breakfast in New Braunfels, Texas on Friday April 27th.   Thank you so much.  He is the greatest guy I have ever known.

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Dylan and Hannah

Married October 2017

My experience couldn't have gone better! I just bought Hannah a ring! We are going to be married in October!!!! Signing up for with Courtney was one of the best things I ever did! I'm telling every single person I know about Courtney and her team What a great experience it was - sooo much better than online dating! Thank you SO much, Sena!!!

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Kevin and Cari

Married May 2017

I was introduced to men in the community I didn't even know, and would never have met otherwise. When I met my boyfriend, I was nervous, but I was also assured that we would get along and be a match. When I first met with Courtney, she took the time to get to know me, my likes, my dislikes, and what my ideal match would be. She took this information and set me up on three dates. By the second date, I had met my current boyfriend and things couldn't be better.

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Shane and Lindsey

Married April 2017

Shane and I never would have met if it hadn't been for Courtney! We have been so blessed to have found each other, and we couldn't be happier! We are so thankful to our matchmakers, and we would suggest the service to all our single friends!

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Maggie and David

Married April 2017

This matchmaking service is one of the best experiences I have had as an individual. Not only did it teach me to open up to love, but it also taught me what I want in a relationship. The journey one goes through during an experience like dating can have it's ups and downs, but the matchmakers are there to provide support, advice and tools on how to succeed in dating. The team can create an experience unlike any other dating service. Courtney's expertise is impeccable.

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Kim and Mike

Married October 2016

Well, you can officially take Mike and I off the list. Mike proposed today and I said "Yes"!! We are actually at Upstream celebrating where it all began. Thank you so much for putting us together. We are both very excited and over the moon happy!

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Nikki and Nate

Married June 2016

I hesitantly met with Courtney thanks to the encouragement of a good friend to get back out there and date after my last relationship ended. I say hesitantly because I had tried online dating sites with no success and was afraid to put myself back out there again, but I am so glad I did! Matchmaking gave me more of a personal experience than online sites could never offer. I liked the fact that Courtney and Alison got to know me on a personal level in order to see who would be a good match for me and who wouldn't. It made me feel like I wasn't alone in the dating process, and that I had somebody in my corner helping to guide me along the way. Thank goodness for the guidance because I went on quite a few dates before I found a keeper!!! Nate and I clicked on that first date in a way I never had with anyone else and I knew that it was something special. 

After almost two years together, Nate proposed on a hot air balloon overlooking Omaha. Can't thank Alison and Courtney enough! Nate is such a blessing to me and I don't think our paths would've ever crossed if it hadn't been for you guys!!

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Shauna and Joel

Married July 2015

I had seen Courtney's matchmaking service advertised around Omaha, had been single in Omaha for a while, and decided to take a leap of faith. I had done the online thing before, including a couple of Christian sites, and I was completely done with it. I also attend a large church, but was mistaken often for being younger than my age or unavailable. My first meeting was with Courtney and was surprised that she spent over two hours talking with me without any pressure. She and Alison also understood that my faith is important to me and assured me that there were several gentlemen that would meet my criteria. A couple of things that I really like are that they are locally owned and operated, not to mention that they took time to listen. In addition, they do screen as well. I was matched with three gentlemen, went out with two of them, and found the man I could for sure see spending my life with. I've never found anyone who I am so compatible with in almost every area of life. Can't wait to see what our future holds! - Shauna

Courtney and Alison are the real deal. They are professional in every sense of the word and see what they do as more than a job or a business, but a calling. I would highly recommend Courtney and her team (and have many times) to anyone looking to meet someone that is compatible with your life, goals, needs and dreams. They take the time to get to know who you are and will look to find that special someone who you could possibly "do life" with. Six months ago, they introduced me to that very person for my life! :) Check them out. I know I'm glad I did! - Joel

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Gillian and Will

Married June 2013

Courtney and her matchmaking service definitely have great intuition when matching their clients. They are professional, yet still friendly and open. Will and I were introduced in February 2011, and have been inseparable since. Will complements me and vice versa; we are a total balancing act. His strengths are my weaknesses and his weaknesses are my strengths. Thanks, Courtney - it has been a great experience and we are indebted to you for bringing us together. I believe we never would have crossed paths if it weren't for you. - Gillian and Will 

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Kristin and Brett

Married March 2012

I just want to thank Courtney so much for matching me with Kristin! I truly feel so blessed to have her in my life.  From the moment we met, we've had great chemistry and everything just comes so easy and naturally with us. I really feel like we have a growing depth of communication in our relationship. She has every quality I've ever looked for in a woman but just couldn't explain to my matchmaker at the time; sensitive, honest, moral, and encouraging just to name a few! I was pretty nervous and apprehensive about trying another dating service, but after sitting down and talking with you at our initial meetings I felt as if I had to give it a try. It was destiny because Kristin and I both signed up for the service around the same exact time! Thank you so much! - Brett

When I first visited with Courtney I was completely heart broken, but hadn’t given up on the fact that I knew I would find the perfect guy for me. I also knew that nothing in my life would change if I didn’t try something different. So, as luck would have it, I met Brett. He makes me want to be in a relationship again, which a while back would not have been the case - a real miracle! I am so lucky to have met him. I want to thank Courtney and her team for listening to me and helping me meet Brett. No matter how long he and I are together, I have found love again and trust that God has a plan for me, him and hopefully us. Thank you, Brett for making my heart smile once again. Good luck in love to all who are reading this! - Kristin             

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Nick and Hope

Together Since February 2013

When you are truly ready to make an investment in yourself and advance your personal life, Courtney's matchmaking service is the place to turn to! Her matchmaking staff is communicative, supportive and offers great guidance when you are dating and engaged in intimate relationships. As a woman who has always been very dedicated to her professional development, I have not had an active dating life, but in the four months that I participated in the matchmaking service, I was matched with 11 quality men, and had very enjoyable dating experiences with each. It was through Courtney and her team that I met my partner and absolute love of my life. After recntly celebrating our one-year anniversary together, I am looking forward to many, many more! Thank you, Courtney!!! - Hope

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Heather and Justin

Together Since June 2018

I met Justin 8 months ago and by the 5th date I realized that he was special and he was worth waiting 33 years for. He has many of the qualities I was looking for in a partner from caring and compassionate to a great sense of humor. Another major plus was that he loves Husker Sports as much as I do.  This year he took a particular interest in Husker Volleyball knowing that it’s my biggest passion. This culminated with our first road trip to Minneapolis for the Final 4.

We are moving in together next month!!  With me working in Lincoln and him working in Omaha we are going to settle in the Gretna area.  While this will be a big change for both us, we are both excited and are counting down the days till we are in the same place!!!

Looking forward to the many more laughs and  adventures! Thanks Omaha Love.

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Bev and Paul

Together Since February 2018

Paul & I are engaged! We are both very happy!  He picked the perfect ring and is the ultimate romantic. We are looking at a very casual simple small wedding in the spring or summer. Both of our families are pleased - which is wonderful! We are all getting together for Thanksgiving in Tarkio. 

Courtney is great! And, yes, matchmaking does work! I met Paul through Courtney in February 2018. Even though we lived over 2 hours apart -- we met through Courtney, created a loving relationship, and are planning a bright and exciting future together. I would never have met Paul without Courtney’s matchmaking efforts. Just follow Courtney’s recommendation – which may take you outside of your comfort zone (in a safe and sane way). The more dates you go on, the more feedback you give her, the greater the opportunity to meet the “right one.” Going through Courtney, you have assurances that the people you meet are vetted and "real" (no scammers!).

Thanks for everything! Because of you we each have an exciting and new chapter in our lives!

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